Problem Sets

Unless otherwise announced, a problem set is due every
Tuesday and Thursday. 

AP Physics Problem Sets:

Homework_1_AP (measurement)

Homework_2_AP (converting)

Homework_3_AP (distance and displacement)

Homework_4_AP (relating x-t and v-t graphs)

Homework_5_AP (finding displacement graphically)

Homework_6_AP (constant motion)

Homework_7_AP (constant motion and x-t graph practice)

Homework_8_AP (relating p-t v-t & a-t graphs)

Homework_9_AP (star equations level 1)

Homework_10_AP (star equations level 2)

sub work 1 (ranking tasks)

sub work 2 (kinematics problems)

Homework_11_AP (1D freefall)

Homework_12_AP (projectile fired horizontally)

Homework_13_AP (projectile motion)

Homework_14_AP (projectile motion)

Homework_15_AP (inertia, mass, weight)

Homework_16_AP (free body diagrams)

Homework_17_AP (static equilibrium)

Homework_18_AP (static equilibrium II)

Homework_19_AP (equilibrium & friction)

Homework_20_AP (inclined plane)

Homework_21_AP (2nd law)

Homework_22_AP (2nd law II)

Homework_23_AP (2nd law III)

Homework_24_AP (2nd law IV)

Homework_25_AP (3rd law)

Homework_26_AP (review)

Homework_27_AP (work)

Homework_28_AP (work & KE)

Homework_29_AP (power)

Homework_30_AP (potential energy)

Homework_31_AP (energy conservation)

Homework_32_AP (energy conservation II)

Homework_33_AP (mechanical energy graphs)

Homework_34_AP (impulse)

Homework_35_AP (impulse-momentum)

Homework_36_AP (momentum conservation)

Homework_37_AP (momentum conservation & review)

Homework_38_AP (2D momentum & review)

Homework_39_AP (density and pressure)

Homework_40_AP (static pressure & Pascal’s princile)

Homework_41_AP (Buoyancy)

Homework_42_AP (Continuity & Bernoulli’s principle)

Homework_43_AP (Bernoulli’s equation)

Homework_44_AP (circular motion concepts and equations)

Homework_45_AP (circular motion vertical circle)

Homework_46_AP (circular motion banked turns)

Homework_47_AP (Universal Gravitation)

Homework_48_AP (Universal Gravitation II & Kepler’s Laws)

Homework_49_AP (Simple harmonic motion)

Homework_50_AP (torque)

Homework_51_AP (torque & equilibrium)

AP_Homework_1_S2 (elementary particles)

AP_Homework_2_S2 (electrostatics)

AP_Homework_3_S2 (charge in E-field)

AP_Homework_4_S2 (motion of charge in E-field)

AP_Homework_5_S2 (PE=qV)

AP_Homework_6_S2 (E-field lines)

AP_Homework_7_S2 (Coulomb’s law 1D)

AP_Homework_8_S2 (Coulomb’s law 2D)

AP_Homework_9_S2 (E-field of point charge direction)

AP_Homework_10_S2 (E-field of point charge)

AP_Homework_11_S2 (Voltage of point charge)

AP_Homework_12_S2 (review)

AP_Homework_12_S2 (review)

AP_Homework_13_S2 (DC circuits)

AP_Homework_14_S2 (Parallel, series, equivalent resistance)

AP_Homework_15_S2 (V-I-R chart)

AP_Homework_16_S2 (V-I-R practice & emf)


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