Final Exam Review: Energy and Momentum

Work, energy and power

If you didn’t see the momentum one a few days ago:

Textbook reading: In the Walker textbook, I recommend taking a look at the summaries of sections 8-2 through 8-4 on pages 242-243 and the summaries for sections 9-1 through 9-6 on pages 286-287.

Princeton Reading: Here are the parts of the Princeton book that cover our Unit 3:

  • Chapter 4, pages 57-76 (all multiple choice and Free Response apply)
  • Chapter 5 77-90 (all multiple choice and Free Response apply)
    • I STRONGLY encourage you to look at Example 5.9 and its solution, which are found on pages 84-85.


Momentum in 2-Dimensions (since everyone was confused in class)

Post-reading question/Sample Free Response: 

A ski lift carries skiers along a 600-meter slope inclined at 30°. Each chair has a mass of 50 kilograms, and each rider has a mass of 70 kilograms. The skiers get off at the top of the hill, so the chairs are empty for the return trip. Under maximum load conditions six riders per minute arrive at the top. If 60 per cent of the energy supplied by the motor goes into overcoming friction, what average power must the motor supply?

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