10.7 Thin Film and Phase Shift


NOTE: The WSQ is below the extra practice.

Extra Practice:
Since the answers are provided for you, you must have complete and correct work to receive credit.

  1. Monochromatic light falls on two very narrow slits 0.048 mm apart. Successive fringes on a screen 5.00 m away are 6.5 cm apart near the center of the pattern. Determine the wavelength and frequency of the light. [620 nm, 4.8E14 Hz]
  2. A 3500-line/cm grating produces a third-order fringe at a 28.0° angle. What wavelength of light is being used? [447 nm]
  3. Two narrow slits separated by 1.0 mm are illuminated by 544 nm light. Find the distance between adjacent bright fringes on a screen 5.0 m from the slits. [2.7 mm]


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