7.12 Equivalent Capacitance

Textbook reading: The book does a pretty great job of explaining equivalent capacitance.  Read section 21-6, “Circuits Containing Capacitors,” on pages 743-746.  Example 21-8 is not very helpful, so skip it. Note that the book uses ε for voltage, so C = Q/ε in the book instead of C = Q/V, which I taught. You should also (but not instead) look at the keypoints summary for section 21-6 on page 752.


Extra Practice:

From Walker

  • # 67 on page 758
  • # 73 parts a and b on page 758
  • # 75 on page 758 (a really fun one)

Since answers to these questions can be found in the back of the textbook, you must have complete and correct work to receive credit.

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