6.13 Conductors and Electrostatics Review, part 2

Conductors and Insulators: If you haven’t already, read pages 196-197 in the Princeton book (if you have, reread them anyway).

Also, read section Walker, 19-2 on pages 656-657.  You should be able to explain where charge is located on a conductor.  Figure 19-6 on page 657 offers a nice summary for after you’re done reading.

Your reading quiz will come from the two readings above.

Then, continue studying for Monday’s test.  Here are more resources to help. (These are not the same as yesterday’s):

A quick review of electrostatics (made by someone else):

Centripetal Motion:

Then, look at the Princeton pages 204-207. Please note, as I said when we started electrostatics, (Coulomb’s Constant) is sometimes written



On the test, k will sometimes be written this way, so be aware!

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