6.12 Electrostatics Review, part 1

Start studying for Monday’s test.  Here are some resources to get you going….

You should look at this old Circular Forces Video (hint hint)

And maybe this question from the semester 1 final (HINT HINT): Circular Motion Review

And maybe this lab (OMG, F-ing HINT HINT): 11-ap-centipetal-force
And this Electrostatics Review from the first quiz:

Then, take a look at Princeton Review pages 183-197 (pages 196-197 are what we are doing in class Friday, so pay careful attention there to get ready). Finally, try these problems from the Princeton book

  • All multiple choice on 198-199 (answers are on pages 405-406)
  • Both Free Response on page 200 (answers are on pages 406-409)
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