Circular Stuff Test Review 3


Here are some videos and Princeton readings to help:



SHM, Kepler and Gravity

Circular Concepts


Princeton Reading:

  • Fluids: Pages 131-136 (chapter 8), Try all Multiple choice and Free Response Questions. Answers to these questions are on pages 395-401.
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
    • p. 111-127
    • All multiple Choice Problems on p.126-127 (answers p. 391)
    • Summary on p.130
  • Gravitation and Kepler
    • p. 100-104
    • Problems 6, 8-16 on p.106-107 (answers p. 383-386)
    • Summary on p. 110
  • Uniform Circular Motion on pages 92-95 (Free Response 3-4 on pages 108-109; answers start on 388)
  • Fluid Mechanics on pages 131-149 (All questions on pages 150-155; answers start on 395)
  • Torque and Equilibrium on pages 95-100
  • Question 7 on page 106 (answer is on page 384)
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