4.6 Universal Gravitation

Textbook reading: Read Walker section 12-1 on pages 379-380. Pay special attention to the material between the red lines on page 379. Skip the last paragraph on page 380, which begins “Finally, if a given mass…”

Pre-reading question: Star Alpha and Star Beta have the same mass, m, and their centers of mass are separated by a distance d. What would happen to the force of attraction between the stars if Star Beta doubled in mass?

Note: in this video, I mistakenly say 30+24=59. That is clearly incorrect. 30+24=54

Post-reading question:

Web Discussion
No poll since there are 24 possible answers (but only one correct one).

Extra Practice:

  • # 1, page 409
  • # 3, page 409
  • # 5, page 409
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