Fluids 5. Bernoulli’s Equation

Pre-reading question: Turn to page 520 and look at Bernoulli’s Equation (near the bottom). How confident do you feel about using that equation?


Textbook reading: Tomorrow in class I’m going to work a modified version of example 15-9 on page 524.  To help you understand that example, read “Torricelli’s Law” on page 523-524. Then, read through example 15-9. We will save A LOT of time if everyone comes in with a basic understanding of the example and Torricelli’s Law.

Post-reading question: 

Extra Practice: A hole of radius 1.0 mm occurs in the bottom of a water storage tank that holds water at a depth of 15 m.  What is the flow rate out of the hole? [5.4E-5 m3/s ]

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