Week 12 Quiz Review

Princeton Reading: Chapter 5 (pages 77-83) — stop at example 5.8. Also, take a look at the first two bullet points on page 89. Then, try the following questions:

  • All multiple choice on pages 86-87
  • Free Response 1 (all parts) on page 88.

You can check your answers and see explanations on pages 379-381.


Quiz Review:

Potentially helpful video I found on YouTube:

1976 FR2:

Energy graphs 

Here are the correct answers to the graphing part of the Veteran’s review packets.

Some things to note:

  • Pay REALLY close attention to the axes on those graphs.
  • Since the graphs have numbers, your lines should touch the axes at whatever number they are supposed to. Don’t just “sketch.” Take the time to make sure they are quantitatively (numerically) correct.

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