3.3 Power

Pre-reading question: How would you define power?



Units Review

Textbook Reading: Section 7-4 (pages 206-208) is a pretty clear and concise (short) section on power.  It’s definitely worth reading through carefully .  You should definitely know the definition of Power, its SI unit AND how its unit relates to other units you know (like Joules). Example 7-8 is the level of problem you can expect to have to do in my class and on the AP exam, so you should read through that example and make sure you know what’s going on in each step. NOTE: I am going to have one Reading Quiz question that is in the textbook reading but NOT in the videos.

Post-reading question: Conceptual question 11 on page 210. The correct answer is on page A-19 in the back of the book.  The answer may surprise you.

Extra Practice:

  • page 43, # 43
  • page 43, #45
  • page 44, #47

Since you can check your answer in the back of the book, your response must be completely correct to receive extra credit.

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