3.1 Work

Consider: It’s been a while since I took up your notes. Tomorrow seems like a good random day to collect them….

Pre-reading question: How would you define the word work?

Textbook reading: From Walker section 7.1 (pages 191-197), you need to know the definition of work in the technical, physics sense. You also need to know the SI unit for work and how it relates to force and distance. Also, carefully read the first three paragraphs in the section “Force at an Angle to the Displacement” on pages 192. Start reading at “In Figure 7-2 we see….” and stop at “W = Fd cos 90 = 0.”  You should know equation 7-3 from that section.



Example problems:

Post-reading question: Conceptual questions 4 and 5 on page 210.

Extra practice 

  • Page 211, #9
  • Page 211, #13

Remember that since you can check your answer to these in the back of the textbook, they must be completely correct to receive the extra credit points.

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