Unit 2 Test Tomorrow

Test tomorrow! Study!

For more study:

Read Princeton Review chapter 3 (pages 37-56 — yes, all of it).

Practice test with explanations:

Princeton’s practice test on pages 52-55

  • Multiple choice: All of them (1-10)
  • Free Response: All of them (1-4)

You can check the answers and get explanations for the correct answers on pages 367-373.


Something to think about:

Using the image above, try to describe (in words) what happens to M1 as M2 falls.  Don’t just say it moves forward. Think about what goes on with its motion. Also, consider Newton’s Second Law (Fnet = ma).

Then, think about what happens to M1 when M2 hits the ground. Think about how M2 hitting the ground might affect the forces in the situation. How might it affect the acceleration(s)?

Finally, for a real challenge, try to calculate the velocity of M1 when M2 hits the ground. Assume the position of M2 in the picture is the starting place (otherwise known as the position at t=0). Yes, you will have to use kinematics. Yes, kinematics will show up on tomorrow’s exam.

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