Fall Break Assignment

You will turn in the test review packet on Tuesday.  It will be graded according to the AP rubric just like a quiz or test (but it will NOT be scaled).  The packet will count as 4 classwork grades.

Review Packet

These videos ARE NOT intended to be watched and copied.  They are meant to aid you if you get stuck.  If you aren’t sure what to do at a certain part in a problem, watch the video until the point when you think you know what you should do.  Then, stop watching. Go try the problem some more.  If you get stuck again, watch more of the video.  When you are done, use the video to check your work.

I can’t stress this enough: the videos are meant for hints, not for watching passively and copying! I INTENTIONALLY go to fast in the videos for you to understand by just watching.

1976 B1:

2002 B2:

1987 B1:

For full credit, you must complete both the multiple choice and Free Response parts of the packet.

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