2.2 Forces and Free Body Diagrams

Guided Notes:  DOC: Forces Guided Notes
                              PDF: 3.Forces Guided Notes

Textbook reading: The goal of this reading is to know how to draw a Free Body Diagram. Read the Free Body Diagrams section on pages 117-118 through the middle of page 118 where the book gives the steps to drawing a Free Body Diagram.  Next, take a look at the Problem-Solving Note on page 118. Finally, take a look at part (a) of example 5-1 on page 119. Make sure you understand how the book drew the Free Body Diagrams in the example.

Pre-reading question: What force(s) is/are acting on a box sitting on the ground?


Forces Definitions:

Free Body Diagram Examples:

Post-reading question: Draw a Free Body Diagram for a soccer ball flying through the air. (Hint: Be sure to include air resistance).

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