Unit Exam 1 Review

Textbook Reading: Walker Chapter 2 review (p. 45-47), Chapter 3 review (sections 3-1, 3-2 and 3-3 on pages 74-75) and Chapter 4 review (101-103).

Suggested (optional) reading: Take the practice test on pages 31-34 of the Princeton Review book.  Then, check your answers on pages 362-366 of the review book AND MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND HOW TO GET THEM!

Pre-reading question: Conceptual question 13 on page 43.


Example Problem:
(Repeated from a previous lesson)

Post-reading question: If you run 300 meters north and 400 meters east, what is your displacement? Be sure to include direction, since displacement is a vector.

Extra Practice:

Projectile Motion Review

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