1.13 General Launch Angle

Lab deadline extended, because I said I would remind you but forgot to do so. I repeat: lab is NOT due tomorrow.

Pre-reading question: Conceptual question 10 on page 103.

Textbook reading: Walker sections 4-4 and 4-5, pages 92-100. Section 4-4 is about how to arrive at the general launch angle equations, which you should know how to do without memorizing them. Try active example 4-1 once you’ve read the text in section 4-4. From section 4-5, you should understand what range is. Also, take a look at the problem-solving note on page 96 and the caption on figure 4-10 on page 98. You should have a really good understanding of what’s going on in figure 4-10 and figure 4-11. Once you’ve got all that, take a look at conceptual checkpoint 4-3 on page 98. Finally, take a look at the “Maximum Height” section on page 99; you should definitely understand maximum height if you don’t already.


After reading question: Conceptual question 6 on page 103.

Extra Practice:

General Projectile Motion

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