1.11 Projectile Motion Concepts

Pre-reading question: Which will hit the ground first, a ball dropped straight down from a cliff or a ball thrown horizontally from a cliff?

Textbook reading: Read the chapter 4 introduction on page 82.  You should be able to define projectile motion after reading it. Then, skim sections 4-1 and 4-2 pages 83-87.  You need to be able to explain in words why the equations in table 4-1 on page 85 make sense physically. You should also be able to explain why some equations in the box 4-6 on page 87 don’t have acceleration in them.  The problem-solving hint on page 87 and figures 4-2 (page 86) and 4-3 (page 87) can help you figure out those equations. In fact, the two sentences in figure 4-2 are worth knowing really well. If you are having trouble picturing in your head what the equations mean, take a look at example 4-1 on page 84.


Post-reading question: Problem 1 at the bottom of page 103, which begins “As you walk briskly…”

Extra Practice:

Projectile Fired Horizontally

Projectile Motion

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