1.10 Vectors

Pre-reading question: If I tell you that my house is 3 miles away, would you know how to get there. Why or why not? (Don’t be a smarty pants and claim to know where I live outside of this question.)

Textbook reading: Look at section 3-1 on page 58, and make sure you know the bullet point definitions in that section.  If they are confusing, read the text around them to help you understand. I cover section 3-2 pretty well in the video, but take a look at the problem-solving note on page 59 and the note on figure 3-4. Finally, look at the bullet points in section 3-3. After you have watched the video, I recommend re-reading all of section 3-3, which starts on page 63.


Post-reading question: Try “conceptual question” 2 on page 76.

Extra Practice:

Vector components worksheet

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