1.9 Reaction Time Pre-Lab

Weekend assignment:

Your assignment this weekend has two parts. Together, these should take you a total of 30 minutes.  First, you will solve a problem about reaction time to get you ready for a lab on Monday. You will give your answer to the problem by commenting on this post, texting, calling or emailing me. Second, you will watch a video of me solving problem 61 from page 52 of the textbook. I expect you to take notes on me solving this problem.  Your reading quiz on Monday will be about the video of me solving the problem. You must respond to the question this weekend AND pass the reading quiz on Monday to avoid homework center.

Part 1:

Read question 77 on page 53. (Yes, it is the same as Thursday’s post-reading question). THIS TIME, ignore the last sentence, which begins “If you catch the ruler 5.2cm….”  Instead of solving the problem with the number the book provides, get a ruler, have someone drop it with the zero just above your thumb and index finger, record the place where you catch it, and solve the problem using that measurement. (If these instructions are confusing, there is a picture and longer explanation on page 53). Use your measurement to find YOUR reaction time.

Post your reaction time (in seconds) and your first name (in letters) as a comment to this post.  For example, if my reaction time were 0.83s, I would leave a comment on this post that says “0.83s Ryan.”  If you are unable or don’t know how to leave a comment, you should call, text or email me your reaction time, and I will post it for you. No matter what, your reaction time must be posted on this site by 8:30 am on Monday, September 10, 2012.

Where to find help: Example 2-10 on page 40 and Example 2-12 on page 44 have similar mathematics to what you’ll need to do.

Part 2

Pre-reading question: What was most confusing (or easiest, Freddie and Andre) about question 61 on page 52?


Post-reading question: On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being “completely understand”), how well do you understand question 61 after watching the video? Explain your choice.

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18 Responses to 1.9 Reaction Time Pre-Lab

  1. rlmelvin says:

    1.51s Aaron
    0.12s Rosendo
    0.049s Edgar

  2. Grecia Castro says:

    1.11s Grecia

  3. Daniela says:

    Daniela .35 seconds

  4. patricio rivera says:

    0.16s patricio

  5. Christian Larreynaga says:

    Christian 0.17seconds

  6. rlmelvin says:

    0.19s Ashley
    0.4077s John

  7. oscar says:

    0.24s Oscar

  8. sabier says:

    .41s Sabier

  9. Rodrigo Perez says:

    .1906s, Rodrigo

  10. Adelene Miranda says:

    .0461s, Adelene

  11. rlmelvin says:

    0.883s Fernando
    0.034s Shawnte
    0.090s Julianna

  12. rocker14 says:

    1.56s,Jose F

  13. Jose Flores says:

    1,56s,Jose F

  14. Gabby says:

    1.02 s Gabby Cervantes

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