1.6 Kinematics I

Reading: Walker section 2-4 (start on p.26 and end at the “conceptual checkpoint” on p.27. You don’t have to do the conceptual checkpoint). Pay close attention to the definition of and units for acceleration. THEN, look at the “Constant Acceleration Equation of Motion” on p. 33 and read through example 2-6 on p.34. (Hint: you should probably write down the equations I pointed out).

Pre-reading question: Thinking about the equations from the textbook reading, try conceptual question 11 on p.47 in your textbook. For help, look at example 2-8 on p.36 of the textbook.

You will need your textbook with you as you watch this video. 


Post-reading question: Find the minimum acceleration needed for an airplane to take off at a speed of 47.5 m/s on a runway 513 m long.  You can check your answer at the bottom of example 2-7 on p.35 of the textbook. HOWEVER, I expect you to show your work, because the textbook does not.

Extra Practice:

Kinematics I

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